Paralegals & Staff

The criminal defense attorneys at Brass & Cordova in Salt Lake City, Utah are aided by a professional and enthusiastic support team who possess the legal knowledge and commitment to client satisfaction that are the hallmarks of exceptional service.

Maria Montoya

Utah native Maria Montoya has been our office's administrative assistant since 2007. She is the person clients speak to when they first call Brass & Cordova, and is consistently pleasant and helpful throughout a client's representation. She diligently tracks cases and where they stand in the court process, and speaks to prosecutors and judges on a daily basis. She is also tasked with keeping our attorneys' calendars current. Her attention to the details of a legal practice allows our attorneys not to be bogged down with business matters, freeing them to function as lawyers and devote necessary time to client cases. Ms. Montoya maintains a full-time college course load, and is on the road to becoming an attorney herself.

Sandra Barron

Originally from Michigan, Sandra Barron works part-time at Brass & Cordova. She is our relief pitcher, able to step in and assist Ms. Montoya with her duties, ensuring our office operates effectively and efficiently. She makes certain all of our files are organized and current, and delivers documents to the courts and various prosecutors and retrieves the same as dictated by court proceedings. When she is not at our office, Ms. Barron helps her daughter and son-in-law with child care, as both are professionals in the legal community and her son-in-law is a politician at the local level. She is devoted to her children, grandchildren, and to helping anyone in need. She is an example of giving, growing, sharing, and learning in all aspects of her life. Her maturity, warmth, and sincerity of character are all huge assets to our firm.