Brass & Cordova is a Salt Lake City criminal defense practice with experience handling cases in every county and district in Utah. For the convenience of our clients and others who come across our website, we have compiled the following list of helpful online legal and government resources. You can learn some basic information about the Utah criminal justice system here, but please contact our offices for a free consultation regarding your specific legal concern. We offer evening and weekend appointment times for the convenience of our clients.

Yengich, Rich & Xaiz, Attorneys at Law - We would like to introduce you to our suitemates, Ronald J. Yengich, Bradley Rich, and Earl Xaiz. If a conflict of interest or other reason prevents us from handling a case, we often refer matters to these highly capable attorneys. Mr. Yengich is a legend in legal circles throughout the west, and is an extraordinarily accomplished criminal defense attorney. It would not be a stretch to describe him as a renaissance man given the breadth of his knowledge of history, politics, and religion. His efforts for charity are well-known to his friends but not touted in the public.

Mr. Rich has practiced criminal defense at the highest level for over 35 years, and has reached the point in his career where he can be selective about the cases he takes.

Mr. Xaiz has practiced criminal defense for over 30 years, and is well-known to prosecutors and judges for his effective style and reasonable approach to the law. He commands the respect of his peers.

Yengich, Rich & Xaiz has been joined by associate attorney Chelsea Koch, a former federal public defender, who will continue on with the firm's good work.

The firm's staff consists of Myrleen Wright, Jake Barnes, and Dustin Hensley. Ms. Wright is the backbone of their office, always ready to help, quick to solve problems, and consistently patient. Mr. Barnes is a graduate of Westminster College, assisting with the day-to-day operations of Yengich, Rich & Xaiz while he determines his next move in life. Mr. Hensley is a former University of Utah football player who is helping out the office while starting his career in coaching.

Deseret News Article on the Formation of Brass & Cordova - Deseret News interviewed Kim Cordova about her decision to join Edward K. Brass in criminal defense practice, discussing the partners' philosophy and unique approach to defense representation.

Utah State Courts, Criminal Cases - The Utah State Courts website provides information on criminal penalties associated with various charges, bail schedules, court fines, and a wealth of other criminal resources.

Utah Criminal Code - The complete Utah Criminal Code explains the elements of misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses in Utah.

Utah Sex and Kidnap Offender Notification and Registration - Here you can access the current Utah Sex Offenders List, which we can help you avoid if you have been charged with a sex-related crime.

Utah Juvenile Justice Services - The JJS website offers information about Juvenile Detention, Receiving Centers, Day-Night Reporting Centers, Multi-use Facilities, Youth Services and other aspects of the juvenile justice system.

The Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice - CCJJ's website provides valuable information about sentencing and reform programs, which may serve as an alternative to jail time in certain cases.

The Utah Criminal Justice Center of the University of Utah - UCJC is a partnership between University of Utah and the Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice that promotes fair treatment in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.