Utah Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

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Arguments occur even between the most compatible partners, and in the healthiest of relationships. For some couples, however, disagreements only escalate in intensity, and can include or end with acts of aggression. The terms Domestic Violence and IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) refer to abuse that occurs between partners in a close relationship. It can entail a one-time episode or repeat abuse. Because Utah has strict laws relating to domestic violence, hiring a knowledgeable Utah domestic violence attorney is crucial. If you need legal counsel, contact the law firm of Brass & Cordova today.

Utah takes domestic violence very seriously. Whether the violence is ongoing or a single episode, IPV includes the following four categories of behavior:

  • Emotional abuse includes threats that cause harm to self-esteem, intention to harm loved ones and/or stalking.
  • Sexual abuse refers to forced sexual activity.
  • Threats include the use of gestures, words or weapons to communicate intent to harm.
  • Physical abuse includes harm or intent to harm by hitting, kicking, biting, burning or other forms of force.

Penalties in Utah for domestic violence

The Utah Department of Health’s Violence and Injury Prevention Program (VIPP) estimates that 40,000 women in Utah are physically abused by an intimate partner each year. Women, however, are not the only victims of this crime. In 2011, more than 3,400 men, women and children entered shelters in Utah to escape domestic violence. Whatever the circumstances, domestic violence attorneys in Utah can work with you to help prepare your defense. If you are defending yourself against charges of abuse, you need to seek the services of a Utah criminal defense attorney. Domestic violence is classified as a misdemeanor crime. A conviction usually leaves a mark on your record that appears on every background check for a job, apartment rental and travel visa application. If the violence involved the use of a weapon with the intention to cause bodily harm or fatality, the crime — considered aggravated assault — is classified as a felony. Large fines, jail time, probation and the loss of your Second Amendment right to bear arms are among the penalties.

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